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Welcome to Inside Right is a passion that approaches a lifestyle.  InsideRight cards touch the souls of avid golfers as well as appeal to their non-golfing friends.

Striking photography combined with excellent graphic design make a collection that is sophisticated and amusing.

InsideRight cards have a tremndous appeal to promoters of professional and charity tournaments.

The idea for our cards originated from the fact that my wife, Barbara, is a self-proclaimed card addict.  She has dragged me through card shops across the country. As we shopped, I realized that there weren’t many cards I would find suitable to send to my friends.

So we began to discuss the idea for a note card company.

Please contact us for information on blank cards, bulk pricing and specialty packaging.

The LOUIE AWARD, Greeting Card Association of America 2000 for the Heather Farr Breast Cancer card


PEACE ON EARTH  card was included in the USGA Holiday card selections, as was the Brian Morgan photographic card, St. Andrews in the Snow. 



InsideRight LLC is dedicated to creating the highest quality note and greeting cards in golf.  We feature superb graphics, phenomenal photography, and whimsical illustrations.  

Our passion for golf is reflected in our designs.

Some of our cards are uplifting, ethereal and reflective, and others represent the frustrations and pain golf can inflict.

We encourage  you to use our cards to write a personal note.  It’s good for the game, and for the soul. 
               Michael Jon Cohen