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Hank Ketcham, late Dennis the Menace creator:
“Thanks, dear Michael for the colorful cards.  Magnificent photography, and a cute conceptů  It’s a handsome product and I wish you continued good lucků
Hank K.       ( cards sent as a thank you gift for hosting us at Cypress Point!)

Michael Patrick Shiels,  widely published, noted golf and travel writer
“Finally my search for tasteful and authentic golf greeting cards is over.  Inside Right is a cardmaker that understands golfers and the game.  They never miss- dead, solid perfect!”
Michael Patrick Shiels

George H. W. Bush,   41st President of the United States
“Dear Michael:     Many thanks to you for passing along those terrific golf cards.
Some of them perfectly sum up my game, and those that don’t sure remind me of a person to send one to.  I appreciate you thinking of me, and wish you all the best out there on the links.

George Bush


Leonard Finkel, writer, and author of “Secrets to the Game of Golf and Life.”
“The cards from Inside Right are colorful and creative, and unique to golf.  It’s a product whose time has come.”    
Leonard Finkel